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Adventure Driven Fitness


My name is Chris Redig. I’m a coach and nutritionist with a passion for helping people look, move and feel their best. I’ve earned ten professional certifications in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Movement, Self-defense and Adventure Sports.  Certifications include:

  • Movnat Certified Master Trainer

  • Henselmans Certified Personal Trainer

  • Primal Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Human Movement Specialist

  • PADI SCUBA Diving Instructor

I’ve lived, adventured and traveled in 20 different countries and hold a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs.  In particular, I love to help adventure-enthusiasts build ready-for-anything minds and bodies.    I currently live in Denmark with my wife and two kids.

I offer online coaching and would love to answer your questions during a free consultation. For tips, strategies and inspiration I’m very active on Instagram.

Below you’ll find more details about my methods and principles.

It’s never too late

Most people vastly underestimate their potential. What is your potential?  Well for starters, everyone can have a six pack.  Everyone can become a good runner.  Everyone can build significant muscle.  And everyone can become an outstanding mover.  Everyone and anyone can look, move and feel like a hero.  In fact, 10,000 years ago it was a biological requirement.  

There was a time when eating whole foods, staying active and eating in moderation was imposed on our ancestors by their environment.  They ran, jumped, climbed and lifted.  They ate plants and animals.  And under the hardest of circumstances they thrived and spread across the planet. Six-pack abs, barefoot running, skillful climbing and heavy lifting were common. Possessing a strong, lean, mobile and muscular body was merely average.

We are still that species, and that is still our birth right.  It’s part of who we are.  It’s our DNA.  And it can be your experience too. The only thing that changed was our environment.  Instead of moving, we earn our living by sitting.  Instead of eating plants and animals, we eat industrially processed food-like substances. No wonder it seems so far out of reach. But your environment is not destiny.

I believe we are all meant to be heroes—to move, look and feel like heroes. Our ancestors had ready-for-anything bodies. They were ready for adventure, ready for an emergency and ready for life. I believe you can build a ready-for-anything body too. We’ve never before understood so well the strategies, science and methods of building ready-for-anything bodies. The pendulum is swinging.  And I’m here as a guide to accelerate the process and help as many people down that road as I can. 

My journey

I know you can do it, because I did it. I was never an athlete. I loved to travel. I loved adventure. Neither took good lifestyle habits. I ate whatever I wanted and trained sporadically.

My journey got serious when I hit my thirties. Suddenly my eating, training and lifestyle caught up to me.  I was taking medication for acid reflux.  I had chest pains and several panic attacks.  I felt stiff, out of shape, soft and lousy.  I just wanted to feel good. 

Through trial and error I eventually got there.  And then I wanted more.   My goals evolved.  My vision of the possible evolved. 

At 18 I thought the body I have now at 38 was impossible.  I thought a six pack was genetically impossible.    But here I am at 38 years old looking, feeling and moving better than I ever thought possible.  I had no idea of my own potential.

I can climb, balance, run, jump, fight, swim and vault with some pretty advanced skill.  My first attempts at barefoot running left me crippled for weeks. Now I can run with no foot protection for miles on rugged mountain trails. My nine year old self would be insanely impressed.

The transition is a testament to human potential. It is a testament to our birthright. You can do it, because I did it.

Your Journey

Of course, there are several limiting factors worth considering. 

First, how much damage have you done to your body?  If you’ve spent a lot of years abusing it, it might take a lot of years to fix it. My transition took years.  But you can still fix it!

Second, how much time will it take to build a ready-for-anything body?  That’s pretty individual.  But I can say that the measure of a good program is progress.  You should expect to make measurable progress every week.  If not, something is wrong.  But if there is consistent progress, then it’s just a matter of time.

Third, how much effort are you willing to put into it?  You’re individual level of dedication matters.  There’s no right answer.  Slow and sustainable can lead to outstanding long term results.  And it avoids burnout.  Other people get such a high out of quick results, it’s worth the massive effort. 

Just understand that you can have a ready-for-anything body.  It’s your birthright as a human being.  It will take work.  It will take patience.  But it is completely achievable.

So what do you really want?  What gets you psyched?  What gets you amped about changing your diet or improving your fitness? 

You need to be specific.  You need to honest.  Don’t hold back.  You can have a ready-for-anything body.  So what does that mean for you?  What do you want to be able to do?  How do you want to look, feel and move?

There is enormous power in the answer.  It’s very personal.  It may start small.  Just find what motivates you, and keep it in front of you.  And of course, I’d love to help. Schedule a free consultation.

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My Method

Adventure Driven Fitness

How do you build a ready-for-anything body?

You use an evidence-based, holistic approach. You optimize your diet, training and lifestyle. And you pay attention to the psychological principles behind behavior change, hunger management and mindset.

Many people kill themselves on a great training program but eat terribly. Or they eat right but suffer from chronic stress and poor sleep. Each of these things can destroy your progress.

It’s like a combination lock. You need to get all the numbers right to really excel. When you dial in your training, nutrition and lifestyle, progress becomes consistent. Achieving your goals is suddenly only a matter of time.

I love to learn. I’ve studied nutrition, lifestyle, behavior change and strength training privately for years. It’s been my passion, especially as I’ve reclaimed my birthright. But when I decided to make it a career, I sought out the best and trained with them. I’ve earned ten professional certifications in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Movement, Self-defense and Adventure Sports. Below I explain the most relevant.

Movnat Certified Master Trainer

Movnat is the world’s most reputable Natural Movement based fitness system. The Movnat method offers zero to hero transformations.  It has something for everyone.  You can go from completely sedentary to incredibly fit and athletic. 

  • To obtain the Master Trainer Certification, I’ve pursued and obtained five distinct certifications requiring full physical proficiency and demonstrated teaching ability in 13 domains of Natural Movement.

  • Those domains include breathing, barefoot running, swimming, fighting, jumping, lifting, carrying, balancing, throwing, catching, vaulting, climbing and ground movement.  

  • I’ve also spent 12 months being coached 1:1 online with Bernd Reicheneder one of Movnat’s Team Instructors.

Henselmans Certified Personal Trainer (Cum laude)

Menno Henselmans is a world famous Strength Coach and Scientist.  His PT course features nearly 2,000 pages of nutrition, strength training and coaching materials plus lectures and live Q&A’s.

  • During the 7 month course, 14 weeks are devoted to an evidence-based strength training education.  This is a cutting edge strength training education that only a handful in the world can claim.  It’s the kind of program that elite athletes and bodybuilders use to build strength and muscle.

  • 14 weeks are devoted to an evidence-based study of Nutrition. This is the cutting edge nutritional programming used by elite athletes and body builders to look and feel their best. Everything is covered in depth including the science of nutrition, nutrition’s influence on performance and the psychology of dieting.

Primal Certified Health Coach

The Primal Health Coach Certification is a world class education in the tenets and science of Ancestral Health.

  • This included 15 weeks of study on diet, lifestyle and training with particular emphases on the Primal diet, keto diet and active lifestyle. 

  • It also included extensive training on coaching clients through behavior change and balancing work, life, fitness and family.

Certified Human Movement Specialist

  • This certification covers everything you could possible want to know about integrated functional anatomy of the skeletal muscular system.

  • The course covers, osteokinematics, arthrokinematics, fascia, muscle systems, kinetic chains, movement dysfunction and corrective exercises.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about online coaching please don’t hesitate to ask. Pricing varies according to the goals and circumstances of the individual. It’s often best to start with a free consultation so we can discuss your goals and see if coaching is the right fit.  And if you haven’t already, give me a follow on Instagram and be sure to say hi!

Yours in health and fitness,

Chris Redig