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Move, look and feel your best

  • Master Your Movement

  • Build Muscle

  • Get Lean

  • Optimize Your Health

1:1 Online Coaching

Are you struggling to shed fat and build muscle?

Do you feel stiff, sore and low energy?

Would you like to move with confidence and skill?

Are you ready to step off the sidelines and into an adventure?

1:1 online coaching is for people of all fitness levels. Whether you want to play like a kid with the kids or train for your first obstacle course race, 1:1 online coaching will help you look, move and feel your best.

  • Movement: get fit and build muscle while upgrading your movement toolkit

  • Nutrition: everything from detailed macros and micros to hunger management and ad libitum dieting

  • Lifestyle: tips and strategies to manage stress, optimize sleep and build healthy habits

  • Holistic: everything you need to become a lean, healthy, strong mover

  • Individualized: your goals, circumstances and level of dedication determine the program

  • Behavior Change: the tips, strategies, accountability and mindset to make lasting change

  • Evidence-Based: coaching that’s rooted in science, not fads or internet hype

  • 100% Online: health & fitness coaching at your convenience


  • Upgrade Your Movement Toolkit: Don’t just look the part. Master your movement. Climbing, jumping, barefoot running, lifting, ground movement, vaulting, balancing, throwing, catching, fighting and swimming

  • Get Fit: evidence-based, balanced, full-body strength, conditioning and mobility

  • Build Healthy Habits: counter sedentary living, unbalanced training and unhealthy movement patterns

  • Enjoy Movement Again: rediscover the love of movement you enjoyed as a kid


  • Master Your Physique: lose fat, build muscle using individualized and evidence-based nutrition advice.

  • Optimize Your Health: build healthy and sustainable eating habits.

  • Improve Your Performance: fuel your body for optimal performance.

  • Enjoy Your Diet: make your diet sustainable by making it enjoyable.


  • Stress Management: chronic stress can destroy progress. Learn to manage stress and break through your training plateaus.

  • Sleep Optimization: discover the difference consistent, quality sleep can make for your health and fitness.

  • The Fitness Lifestyle: integrate your movement practice and diet into a lifestyle.

  • Mindset and Behavior Change: rather than ride the high of temporary motivation, learn to make lasting change.

Free Consultation

Do you have questions about your nutrition, training or lifestyle?

Trying to break through a weigh loss plateau?

Trouble unlocking your first pullup or muscle up?

Struggling to become a barefoot runner?

Curious about how an integrated, holistic program could accelerate your training and fitness goals?

Looking for more details and pricing information?

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Get answers to your health and fitness questions with no obligation to purchase anything.

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How it works

1:1 Online Coaching


Individualized Programs

Each training program is individualized to reflect your unique circumstances and goals. There are no cookie cutter training programs. Instead your coaching will begin with a series of assessments to determine an optimal program.

  • Strength Assessment: what is your training maturity, genetic potential and work capacity? 

  • Movement Assessment: How is your mobility, balance and coordination?

  • Recovery Assessment: How is your nutrition, lifestyle and training affecting your recovery capacity?

  • Your Goals: What are your training, body composition and performance goals?

Similarly there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. Keto, intermittent fasting, ad libitum, paleo and detailed macros all have their strengths and weaknesses. Your nutrition program will be based on your unique circumstances and goals. What is your carb tolerance, satiety level, metabolic adaptability and level of commitment? The resultant nutritional program will be evidence-based to optimize your health, physique and performance.

Personalized Guidance

Plateaus are inevitable. Questions always arise. Programs need to adapt to meet changing circumstances. Here are some of the ways personal guidance can accelerate your progress.

  • Form Check: use video uploads, to have your form checked.

  • Accountability: be held accountable to the goals you set.

  • Diet Adherence: receive guidance on hunger management, social eating and dealing with food cravings.

  • Optimized Progress: throughout the coaching program your progress will be monitored and optimized.

  • Questions: do you have questions? You’ll have open email access with 24 hour or less response times.

100% Online

Online coaching is growing in popularity. Suddenly people can shop for just the right coach with just the right qualifications from anywhere in the world. And there are other benefits as well.

  • Stay Organized: keep all of your training progress and diet information in one convenient location (your phone).

  • Save Money: online coaching is often a better value. Lower overhead costs and larger markets make online coaching, even premium coaching, a great value.

  • Convenient: changing gyms? workout at home? travel often? Online coaching follows you wherever you go.

Expert coaching

Chris Redig is a coach and nutritionist. He helps clients look, move and free their best by optimizing their nutrition, training and lifestyle. He has earned ten professional certifications in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Movement, Self-defense and Adventure Sports. He has lived, adventured and traveled in 20 different countries and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs. In particular, he loves to help adventure-enthusiasts build ready-for-anything minds and bodies. He currently lives in Denmark with his wife and two kids.

  • Movnat Certified Master Trainer

  • Henselmans Certified Personal Trainer (cum laude)

  • Primal Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Human Movement Specialist

  • PADI SCUBA Diving Instructor

If you have any questions or would like to know more about online coaching please don’t hesitate to ask. Pricing varies according to the goals and circumstances of the individual. It’s often best to start with a free consultation so we can discuss your goals and see if coaching is the right fit. For tips, strategies and inspiration please check out Chris’s Instagram account. And be sure to say hi.

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